I remember when…

Posted by admin on August 16, 2011

Every time I came home I would wait outside to listen to what was happening inside. I could tell by his voice or the slamming of cupboards or doors what I was in for. I am so thankful that these days I don’t have to duck, flinch, scream or run hiding in fear when my partner gets frustrated, angry or go through any other emotion other than happiness. In fact it’s been pointed out that I am the one that is so conditioned to hide, run or dismiss. Better yet I have become the noneffective communicator….. Who would have ever thought after 10 plus years of marriage and four years of extensive counseling I would be the one still scared and unable to communicate in a positive, effective way. Reminder to self: Not every time a person lifts a hand they want to strike and anger isn’t always a negative as long as it’s expressed in a positive, loving way. I will never hide or shrink away again. I was born a fighter, lost my youth fighting and will gain my future by holding strong and fighting for what I believe in. My name is Taylor Lauren Black, I am a mother of three beautiful son’s and am loved by some amazing people. I might have had to start my life all over again this year, literally lost all but a picture or two, but the lessons that I have learned are priceless. As Paul likes to say they are just simply objects, the things that matter in this world are the people we love and trust. Trent, Mason, Maddox, Paul, Leslie, Anthony, Ashley, Savannah, Nathan, Aiden and Lucy I am so glad I have met all of you. Our family might be meshed, and full of crazy but we are simply that, family. Every day you build me up, give me strength, help my children and love us unconditionally. There is nothing better than that!

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